Our Roots

Austin Justice Coalition and IMPAC Collective joined to create Higher Learning a Saturday educational program to be launched in January 2017. This program will be graciously hosted by Wholesome Generation.

Austin Justice Coalition is a grassroots organization whose mission is to provide the tools for people of color and people who are marginalized to improve their lives by being the driving force behind their own liberation.

IMPAC Collective is a community organization whose mission is to provide safe healing learning spaces that support youth in collective liberation and healing from racism and oppression.

Unity - striving for and maintaining union amongst ourselves.


Self-Determination - defining, creating, and speaking for ourselves.


Cooperative Economics - building, maintaining and supporting our own businesses.


Purpose - collectively working towards building and developing our community.


Creativity - using imagination and ingenuity to foster a beautiful and beneficial community.


Faith - believing in our people and the righteousness and victory of our struggle.


Self Care - taking intentional action towards caring for our health.

Who We Are

Our mission is to educate and support youth of color to own and rewrite their story. Our youth operate daily in a system where their voices and lives are undervalued. They are inundated with unwarranted blatant oppression, life-threatening situations, micro aggressions, and racism due to the skin they were born in. These youth are in need of safe healthy learning spaces, and facilitators who understand the societal and systemic barriers they face.

Our philosophy is that youth of color need accessible, safe, nonjudgmental environments where they can support each other in discovering who they are, what they are capable of, and how they want to live in the world.

Our core values are that 1) our curriculum is rooted in social justice, mentorship, and community building, 2) all programs are geared towards participants healing from the racism and oppression embedded in the society in which they live, play, and learn, 3) youth gain critical life skills, knowledge, and strategies necessary to become the next great change-makers in this world.

Our Principles

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